OPPORTUNITIES for Oklahoma Friends of Libraries


FOLIO Splash - October 12

Make plans now to attend the FOLIO Splash (a workshop for statewide Friends of Libraries) on Saturday, October 12, at the Moore Public Library. A panel of Friends will discuss their variety of takes on selling books from ongoing library sale strategies, antique malls, and online sales,
to advice on event book sales. The freedom to read is such an important right that we’ll discuss. An Oklahoma Book Award author will be featured.
Other ideas will be shared with panels on library literacy projects and creative fundraising successes. We’ll also hear stories about our inaugural recognition of outstanding friends, as we Stand Up for Standout Friends.

Register for FOLIO Splash 2024

Standout Friends

Introducing Standout Friends – a vibrant celebration of achievement and camaraderie within our community! 🎉
Standout Friends is not just a program; it's a movement, a fresh wave of recognition that empowers our members to honor their standout peers. It's about spotlighting those who make ripples with their dedication based on your criteria, whether by swelling our ranks with new members, steering successful projects to shore, dedicating countless hours to the ebb and flow of volunteer work, or something else!
Here's how Standout Friends works:
  • Nominate a Peer: Look around you; who's making waves? By August 31, nominate the friend who's been the tide that lifts all boats.
  • Share Their Story: What have they achieved? Tell us their tale, from the first drop to the full-on wave of success.
  • Celebrate Together: Every nomination is a droplet in the ocean of our collective efforts. Let's make a splash by celebrating every ripple at our statewide meeting on October 12!
Standout Friends is more than just recognition; it's a reflection of our collective strength. It's about acknowledging that every member, every effort, contributes to the vast ocean of our shared mission. So, dive in, nominate, and let's celebrate our standout friends together! 🌊👏

Friends of Libraries Week

National Friends of Libraries Week
Make plans now for Friends of Libraries Week activities October 20-26, 2024 to increase your Friends’ membership and gain recognition for your group. FOLIO and United for Libraries recognize outstanding efforts during the week. See the latest FOLIO Newsletter for more details and ideas. The application is now available. The deadline for submission is November 15, 2024. It’s not too early to start planning a fun and fabulous week to celebrate your Friends organization.